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25 | 29 October 2021

Stability Policing (SP) for Planners

The course aims at providing senior officers, who can be deployed in NATO operations, with necessary skills and knowledge about Stability Policing for planning consideration.

Residential Course

5 - day course

15 | 19 November 2021

Train the Stability Policing (SP) Trainers – !!CANCELLED!!

The course aims at providing junior officers and senior NCO’s having a relevant role in the training of personnel deployable in NATO operations with the understanding of the main notions supporting the training of indigenous police and related issues and with the basic techniques on how to deliver theoretical and practical contents.

Residential Course

5 - day course


The following SP related courses are available on the NATO Joint Advanced Distributed Learning (JADL):

ADL-353 – “Introduction to Stability Policing course”- LOP-LO-25438

ADL-354 – “Preserving a Crime Scene in NATO Operations”- LOP-LO-15441

ADL-376 –- “Crowd and Riot Control Awareness in NATO Operations” – LOP-LO-15615