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NATO Centres of Excellence

NATO Centres of Excellence (COEs) are nationally or multi-nationally
funded institutions that:

They offer recognized expertise and experience that is of benefit to the Alliance and support the transformation of NATO, while avoiding the duplication of assets, resources and capabilities already present within the NATO command structure.

See the NATO Centres
Of Excellence Catalogue

NATO Centres  Of Excellence Catalogue

This 2023 NATO COE Catalogue offers basic information on the NATO COE Concept and on HQ SACT’s relationship with the COEs together with a complete overview of all NATO COEs.




The experience gained in multinational operations over the past two decades induced the Italian Carabinieri Corps to propose to the Allied Command Transformation (ACT), through the Italian Defence General Staff, the project of the establishment of a NATO Stability Policing Centre of Excellence (NATO SP COE).


The initiative was supported by Italian Defense Staff and well appreciated by NATO and the Initial Concept was presentend to NATO ACT in December 2011.


After a preparatory process, the NATO SP COE was established by signing two Memoranda of Understanding (MoU):

one amongst Italy and the Sponsoring Nations (SN), the other amongst all the Nations and ACT, on 18 December 2014.


The NATO SP COE is a multinational military body, whose functioning and relationship are governed by the cited MoU.

The COE is manned and funded by Italy, as the Framework Nation represented by the Ministry of Defense, and by the Czech Republic, France, Greece, Poland, Romania, Spain, The Netherlands and Turkey.

The Lead Service of the Framework Nation is the Carabinieri Corps.

The contributing Services of the SN are: the Czech Military Police, the French Gendarmerie, the Greek Army, the Polish Military Gendarmerie, the Rumanian Gendarmerie, the Spanish Guardia Civil, the Royal Dutch Marechaussee and the Turkish Gendarmerie.

Italian Republic
Czech Republic
French Republic
Hellenic Republic
Kingdom of Netherlands
Republic of Poland
Kingdom of Spain
Republic of Turkey


Operational context


The Operational Context of the NATO SP COE is a set of police related activities intended to strengthen or temporarily substitute indigenous police in order to contribute to the restoration and/or upholding of public order and security, rule of law, and protection of human rights.

Cooperation and Interoperability

and interoperability

NATO SP COE supports cooperation and interoperability by providing a single location for SMEs working for the benefits of the Alliance, NATO Nations and NATO Partners.

Share of best practices

of best practices

It also provides best practices and usage of available resources and infrastructure, in close cooperation with national and international military and civilian entities and experts, by serving as a focal point to a Stability Policing Community of Interest.

In order to enhance NATO’s capabilities in the field of SP, the following products and services are envisioned: “Doctrine and Standardization”, “Education, Training & Exercise” and “Lessons Learned”.

Vision and Mission



to be an internationally recognized focal point and a hub of expertise for a Community of Interest in the field of SP.



  • to operate as a prime mover to increase contribution to the Alliance stability and reconstruction efforts in conflict and post-conflict scenarios
  • to provide an unique capability to Alliance, NATO Nations, NATO partners and International Organizations in the area of SP