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Lessons Learned

Lessons Learned Branch

Lessons Learned Branch

The Lessons Learned Branch (LLB) is responsible for:

  • gathering and analyzing Observations, LI, LL and Best Practices from national Alliance’s and partner military and SP institutions, IOs and Academics, on SP related matters;
  • disseminating sharing and publishing LL products within NATO and the SP Community of Interest and facilitates the development of Lessons Learned Capabilities;
  • acting as repository for LL and BP in SP Multinational Operations.
Analysis/Evaluation and Experimentation Section

and Experimentation Section

The Analysis/Evaluation and Experimentation Section (AE&E) is tasked to:

  • conduct analysis, evaluation and experimentation activities in order to improve and innovate the NATO SP COE capabilities;
  • evaluate data concerning SPLL issues using all available NATO SPCOE resources;
  • to proposed amendments to doctrine, procedures standards and TTPs resulted from LL so they fully met NATO requirements.
Validation and Dissemination Section

Validation and Dissemination Section

The Validation & Dissemination (V&D) Section is tasked to:

  • To gather information relevant to SP Lesson Identified (LI) and Lessons Learned (LL) from national, Alliance’s and Partner military and SP Institutions;
  • To validate LI and Best Practices;
  • To disseminate, share and publish LL.

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