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The NATO SP CoE is growing. Upcoming “Workforce Conference”

After the recent approval of its first “Functional Review”, NATO Stability Policing Centre of Excellence is going to be integrated soon by an additional Branch, with an increase of about 20% of its International Positions: it is a unique opportunity for NATO Members to join the Centre with their personnel assigned to key position.

The functional review of the NATO SP CoE structure is paramount to proceed at a steady pace with the COE research activities and crisis monitoring. To be more specific, seven of the ten international positions that constitute the reinforcement of the COE, available as “international positions” for NATO Nations bidding, will be engaged in research activities, pertaining to the new “Innovation and Concept Development Branch”.

For the above, the NATO SP CoE organizes the NATO SP COE Workforce Conference, in which ten positions within the Centre of Excellence will be made available for bidding to all NATO Nations (including the nine Nations already members of the Centre) willing to contribute and to join the Centre as new Sponsoring Nations.

Participating to the workforce conference and joining the community of NATO SP COE Sponsoring Nations would allow the Countries to be part, in particular, of all these research activities, receiving periodic feedbacks and also participating to the decisions about the future fields of research that the Centre will investigate for the benefit of the Alliance: NATO SP COE is proudly committed to excellence, and eager to to make its Sponsoring Nations’ investments worth it, repaying their trust with prime academic, innovation, education and training products. 

The new NATO SP CoE Functional Chart, with the indication of the positions available for bidding at the upcoming Workforce Conference and the revised job descriptions for each position made available for international bidding are accessible at the NATO SP CoE website address https://www.nspcoe.org/about-us/job-descriptions/ (you will find there the instructions to access the partition. In case of problems please contact the email address [email protected]).