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Jandarmeria Romana


The moment that marks the founding of the Romanian Gendarmerie was April 3, 1850 when, through a princely office, Prince Grigore Alexandru Ghica approved the decision of the “Public Divan”, signing the “Legislation for the reform of the Corps of Servants in the Gendarmes”. 


By the Law on the organization of power armies in Romania, since November 1864 The Gendarmerie is organized on new principles, removed from the administration of the Ministry of Interior and directly subordinated to the Ministry of War.


The Regulation for the application of the Rural Gendarmerie Law appeared.


The Command of the Guard and Order Troops was transformed into the Command of the Gendarmerie Troops.


The promulgation of the first law on the organization and functioning of the Romanian Gendarmerie.


Starting with 2002, the Romanian Gendarmerie is a full member of the FIEP. As it carried out its first mandate in 2008, the Romanian Presidency of FIEP had a significant contribution to the Association’s update, by promoting  expansion of new cooperation fields.


Entering into force of the new Law on the organization and functioning of the Romanian Gendarmerie, which establishes the status, attributions and competencies of the institution, the organization and management, the rights and obligations of the institution’s staff.


Romanian Gendarmerie becomes a member of the EUROGENDFOR.

The Romanian Gendarmerie’s central unit is the General Inspectorate, which coordinates the General Directorate of Bucharest Gendarmerie and 41 County Gendarmerie Inspectorates, covering all Romania’s territory, according to the existing administrative organisation. Moreover, for operational and flexibility reasons, the General Inspectorate subordinates the Intervention Special Brigade of the Romanian Gendarmerie “Vlad Tepes” and 8 Mobile Gendarmerie Groupings for supporting, when needed, the County Gendarmerie Inspectorates in achieving the tasks assigned by the law, especially the ones regarding ensuring and restoring public order and anti-terrorist intervention. The Special Units, the Training Centres and the Schools meant for training, updating and specialising the personnel of the Romanian Gendarmerie are also subordinated to the General Inspectorate.

Romanian Gendarmerie Organic Law states that the Romanian Gendarmerie, through its specialized structures has the following attributions: protection of life, corporal integrity and freedom of persons, public and private property, citizens, community and State legitimate interests. The gendarmes can assure public order during different activities carried out in public areas that involve people crowds. According to the given context, the gendarmes may act for restoring public order in the case that it has been disturbed by any kind of actions and deeds against the law. Amongst their tasks, the gendarmes maintain public order in order to prevent and detect crimes within mountain resorts and tourist routes, as well as on the Black Sea coast and in the Danube Delta. The Romanian Gendarmerie also participates in anti-terrorist intervention missions in the objectives under the Gendarmerie responsibility or in missions for capturing and neutralizing persons using firearms or other means that put into danger the safety of persons, goods, values and special transports.

According to the Government’s Decision, the gendarmes ensure protection of the special objectives and goods, monitor and guard important values transport, as well as firearms, ammunition, explosive materials, drugs, toxic, radioactive and other dangerous substances transported.

While performing all the aforementioned activities, the gendarmes are entitled to detect contraventions and apply sanctions according to the laws into force, and elaborate the necessary documents for the beginning of the judicial procedure for the offences detected in accordance with the provisions of the Criminal Procedure Code.