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Military Police

Before 1918

A small units of Military Police and the units of field gendamarie operated in the Austro-Hungarian Empire

1918 – 1919

A new Army security component – The Military police was formed and than also abolished

1919 – 1938

The Czechoslovak Gendarmerie took over all police tasks

1938 – 1945

TFIeld Gendarmerie was established in the Czechoslovak Armed Forces shortly before World War II.

1945 – 1991

The National Security Corps were built on the basis of gendarmerie and the Tank and Automobile Inspection was intended for military vehicles roadworthiness and traffic safety


The Military Police of the Czechoslovak Armed Forces was established


The Military Police  of the Czech Republic was established after the division of Czechoslovak Federation

The Military Police Headquarters is situated in the capital city of the Czech Republic – Prague. The structure is based on a territorial principle. Military Police subordinated Commands are located in the city of Prague and in towns of Tabor and Olomouc.

According to executive police functions performed, the Military Police internally divides into specialized services and other relatively standalone services:

  • Crime Investigation Service
  • Traffic And Order Service
  • Security Service
  • Explosive Ordnance Disposal Service
  • Canine Service

Military Police officers are equipped with accessories black in colour, including their distinctive feature – the black beret.

To the extent defined by the Act No. 300/2013 Coll., on the Military Police and amending certain laws, Military Police carry out tasks for the police protection of the Ministry of Defence, armed forces, military structures, military equipment and other State assets which the MoD is competent to manage. The Chief of Military Police is directly subordinate to the Minister of Defence. The Military Police are the professional soldiers assigned to the Military Police or reservists called up for active military service with the Military Police.

Military Police also contribute to military formations of the Armed Forces of the Czech Republic on foreign deployments and selected Military Police officers are assigned to NATO structures.