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Visit of Euro-Atlantic Resilience Centre

On 23rd March 2023  the Euro-Atlantic Resilience Centre visited the NSPCOE.

The visit kicked off on the morning with a brief introduction from the Director, with presentations from both sides (CMI/GFP for SPCOE and Ms. Frey from E-ARC) to illustrate the respective activities and fields of possible cooperation.

During the following brainstorming, mutual suggestions, discussion points and venues of potential collaboration  were discussed:

  • sharing information, best practices and lessons learned, for the purpose of developing concepts and doctrine, and their validation as required, by
    • allowing mutual access to relevant documents and provide additional handouts and support;
    • inviting respective experts in order to support the development/update of relevant doctrine;
  • performing joint analysis missions to collect and evaluate information to conceive lessons learned products;
  • participating in the respective events, conferences, forums and workshops, providing lecturers as needed, subject to availability;
  • cooperating in the conduct of courses, providing Subject Matter Experts for dedicated modules;
  • participating in the respective courses, subject to seat availability and possibly free of charge;
  • participating in exercises, in order to identify and then share early warning signs, opportunities and vulnerabilities, prepare society and facilitate debates and cooperation;
  • participating in common doctrinal efforts from the perspective of the transfer of expertise between the government sector, the business community, the civil society and the academic community;
  • social media interactions and article/analysis publishing in journals and publications kept by each party.